Payroll services

European payroll services

Payroll outsourcing services are targeted at companies seeking to increase efficiency in HR management.

Here you will find experienced payroll specialists who will take care of the payroll in your company and will answer all your queries related to this area. Payroll at Intertax can be handled more efficient and more professional than it could be done internally.

Global payroll

Cooperation with our experts allows you to completely transfer these tasks outside the company, while guaranteeing payroll in accordance with the Polish labor and tax law which is constantly changing thus requiring detailed and always up-to date knowledge and expertise.

We have experience, knowledge and we constantly analyse current changes in the labour and tax law so that no mistakes are made when calculating the payroll. Beside the calculation we also prepare payslips for the employees, prepare documentation and reports to ZUS (Social Security Institution) and to the tax office.

Detailed scope of payroll services:

  • Preparation and analysis of employment contracts
  • calculating remuneration for employees in accordance with applicable law provisions
  • preparing payroll reports
  • calculation of public law liabilities related to remuneration – ZUS, PIT
  • preparation of ZUS declarations and PFRON declarations,
  • preparation of pay-slips for employees
  • preparation of statistical reports
  • preparation of tax declarations PIT 11, PIT 40, PIT 4R, PIT 8AR
  • issuing certificates for employees on employment and remuneration
  • contact with tax office regarding employment taxes
  • contact with ZUS regarding all related ZUS issues
  • representation during tax or ZUS audits
  • advice on all related payroll issues

If you are considering changes in the HR & payroll area contact us and find out more about us, our services and experience.

International payroll 

If your company is not established in Poland but your employees will be coming to Poland to perform their work here, you need to find out how to get this organized in accordance with the Polish tax and labour law. We have been providing our payroll services for employees of foreign businesses for many years now so you can be sure that all your questions will be answered by professionals with a great experience.

payroll services