VAT registration in the EU

Foreign entities that trade or plan to do business on a Polish market should check with us their obligation of the VAT registration in Poland. We will be happy to answer all your questions.

If you are a distance seller offering the goods to Polish clients from your country of establishment in the European Union and you breached the threshold of PLN 160000 – you are obliged to register to VAT in Poland and tax the deliveries in Poland.

VAT registered

If you are established outside the EU but you imported the goods into Poland and you are selling goods from the Polish territory you also need to register to VAT in Poland.

If you are trading in/through Poland the obligation to register for your company may start from the first transaction.


1.A Swiss company is planning to transfer part of their stock into Poland, to a warehouse rented from a Polish established entity. The goods will be sold on the Polish market but also they will be exported to non-EU countries as well as to other Member States. This Swiss company will need obtain VAT number for its local and EU transactions.

2. A US company is importing goods on the Polish territory. The goods will be delivered from a warehouse located in Poland to private individuals across the whole Europe (B2C). The transactions will be taxed in Poland till a threshold for distance sales in a given country is breached. The sale to the countries outside the EU will be treated as export and thus taxable with 0 VAT rate in Poland.

Company documents need for European Union VAT registration number (VAT EU) in Poland:

-Extract from the companies register not older than 3-6 months

– VAT certificate of VAT registration in the country of establishment in Europe or outside

– Detailed description of company’s activities in Poland

-Agreement with a Fiscal Representative in case of companies not established or not having a fixed establishment in any of the EU countries

-Original or certified by a public notary copy of bank account agreement concluded between your company and a Polish bank stated that there is a bank account opened in Poland. It is not possible using a non-Polish bank account.

It is not necessary however to have the bank account in Poland opened at the moment of the VAT registration

-Other documents required by the registration team after analysis of the provided documents

All the documents need to be original and translated into Polish by a sworn translator.

Contact us if you think that you need to apply for:

– VAT registration in Poland

– VAT registration in Europe

– VAT assistance in the EU

– Advice on VAT in Europe

Our registration team will check if you need to register to VAT and upon confirmation it is necessary, they will handle the process smoothly and quickly.

We are a member firm of International Tax Alliance TRA, so if your company needs VAT registration in other European countries we can provide you with necessary assistance as well.

We can provide you with VAT assistance in the whole Europe.