Tax advisory

At the time being having appropriate tax advice is an excellent advantage for each company. Intertax’ tax advisers and consultants are ready to analyse the Polish tax law to secure your business and to let you achieve the most effective way on application local tax law.

Operating a business in Europe is connected to dealing with many Europe tax jurisdiction. If you think about how to effectively manage local and foreign taxes in a way that meets overall business objectives and operations in many countries, we got a solution for you. Based on our tax representative alliance that covers intensive and comprehensible support tax advice in Europe and consulting services available in eighteen countries, we are sure we can provide you with a broad range of domestic and Europe tax advice.

We also may keep you up to date on the Polish and Europe tax changes that may influence your business and if necessary provide tax advice in Europe to how the company should operate based on the new tax law.

Operating a business internationally, you may meet different requirements of tax jurisdictions, especially in case of the VAT. The Value Added Tax is the most frequently changed tax in the European Union, causing it is one of the most complicated tax law. Intertax provides VAT advice regardless of how complex the VAT issue is. VAT advice may be provided to businesses across many industries, including those operating with particularly complex VAT legislation for sectors such as trade, events, automotive, chemistry,  shipments to the army and eCommerce. Besides the above, we can also advise on VAT reconciliation, preparation and filing of the VAT returns and representation of the client before the tax administration during audits and disputes. 

The scope of tax advice and VAT advice concern, but is not limited to the following:


General Tax Advice

VAT Advice

Corporate Income Tax (CIT)

Registration and deregistration

Personal Income Tax (PIT)

VAT return reviews and due diligence

Labour law

VAT deductibility on goods and services

Payroll and social security

VAT rate matrix

Withholding tax

Analysing the impact of VAT law changes

Transaction tax

Influence of the VAT on business sectors (trade, eCommerce, event, automotive, army, etc.)

Preparation of tax opinions

VAT exemptions

Preparation of tax rulings

Triangulation and chain supplies

Preparation to a tax audit

VAT bad debt relief

Representation during a tax audit

Preparation to a VAT audit and VAT checks


Representation during a VAT audit and VAT checks