VAT compliance in Europe

VAT compliance

Intertax’ employees have a lot of experience regarding tax compliance in Poland and in Europe. We are well versed in a large scope of tax-related matters, with our specialty being Value Added Tax in Poland and VAT compliance in Europe. Our main focus is to provide quick, complete service while adhering to any and all relevant legislation.

Tax law is anything but straightforward http://europetax/information/tax-law. There are dozens of legal documents with hundreds of articles covering an immense amount of definitions and scenarios, all while being written in such a way that it may almost feel like reading a different language. Understanding what is required of you, and what rights you have, is crucial, but far from simple. That’s where advisors whose main focus is tax compliance, especially VAT compliance come in.

VAT consulting europe

Since we work with a wide variety of clients based in the European Union and around the world, we have been able to learn how to handle a great number of different situations. With our knowledge, we can provide support for a large range of matters; from registration to submitting returns, as well as any other challenges which may present themselves along the way, all while making sure that it works in your favor.

Each member of our team and partners has the required knowledge to provide the best solutions, tailored specifically to your specific situation and needs. Having access to, and a working knowledge of tax laws, learned from real-world situations, has allowed Intertax to be among the best advisors in the scope of tax compliance in Europe. We can supply fast, accurate, and reliable guidance, all while being compliant with the current legislation pertinent to the situation at hand.

INTERTAX is the exclusive Polish member of the Tax Representative Alliance since 2012. Joining the Alliance helps us to provide clients with even higher quality of professional tax services. We are sure this will make the Cross-border transactions easier for our clients and all the operations easier in the best conditions possible in respect of the tax rules.

Check if your company should register for VAT in Europe http://europetax/services/vat-registration-in-the-eu/

vat consulting europe