VAT agent service

In the times of global market and cross-border supplies, registration to VAT in Poland maybe the right solution or just a necessity for your company. The registration is only a start which triggers a lot of tax obligations including VAT reporting, VAT payments, following Polish VAT rules etc. To comply with the complexity of the obligations your company will need VAT agent services in Poland.

The VAT agent will report the performed transactions to the Polish tax administration and also:

  • advise on the current law changes, invoicing rules, VAT treatment, tax points, place of taxation and other issues which affect your business operations in Poland
  • contact Polish tax administration in case of any queries
  • represent your Company during tax audits
  • review your sales/purchase documents to determine whether they are issued correctly   
  • prepare detailed tax analysis on request

When doing business on the European market you need to be aware what will be the consequences of the transactions with your suppliers and customers.

Example: A Czech company signed a contract for building a warehouse in Poland. The services will be provided for a US company registered to VAT in Poland. What will be the place of taxation of these services? Which company will be obliged to settle the VAT in Poland?

The place of taxation of services connected to immovable properties is Poland and in the described case the Czech company will need to obtain the VAT registration number in Poland and charge Polish VAT on the sales.

This is just one example of hundreds of similar cases in which each single detail may determine the tax settlement. The VAT agent will analyse your transactions, agreements and business model so that you could focus on the core of your business instead of analysing the current tax law. VAT agent services will be adjusted to your specific needs and you will have a dedicated contact person to answer all your queries.   

When the company is registered to VAT in Poland we provide you with our tools for reporting and ask you to deliver the data online. We take care of all the reporting needed in Poland and we will represent you at the tax office if that is required.

Upon contacting us you will be provided with a list of documents needed for the VAT registration purposes and information what will be the next steps.